Alarmist - Popular Demain - Debut Album

Artwork by  Eoin Stanley

Artwork by Eoin Stanley

Featuring Barry O'Halpin, Elis Czerniak, Neil Crowley and Osgar Dukes

Label: Small Pond
Release Date: 2015

All Songs Written and Composed by Alarmist

Keys/Guitars by Barry O'Halpin
Keys/Guitars by Elis Czerniak
Drums/Keys by Neil Crowley
Drums by Osgar Dukes

Recorded by The Deaf Brothers @ The Meadow

Photos & Videos by Scan @ 

Shot and edited by Scan: at the Meadow Studio, Co. Wicklow, Ireland. Taken from Alarmist's debut album 'Popular Demain' (Small Pond Recordings, Nov 2015) Available on 12" CD, vinyl & digital at