Deaf Brothers is...

A moniker for the recordings and productions of Rian Trench and Robert Watson.

It began around 2015 after a collaborative recording project, Ext Funct.

The Music Production and Recording Label was quickly solidified with the production of No Spill Blood's first album - Heavy Electricity.

Deaf Bros have gone on to produce and record with many artists and bands in Ireland like Bats and Alarmist.

The Meadow in Wicklow is home and our large collection instruments and equipment enable productions in various genres.

We are currently working on expanding the brand into a small independent record label, Def Asset.


The People


Rian Trench

Composer, Producer, Mixer, Engineer, Recording Artist and Session Player

I produce, record and mix records. Sometimes work as a session musician on drums, bass, guitar or keys. I've been very lucky to have 10 fortunate and educational years working with artists/bands in Ireland and some international labels, publishers and booking agencies as a member of Solar Bears. HQ is a studio in Wicklow called The Meadow which is just about to turn 8.


Robert Watson

Recording Engineer, Producer, Photographer and Videographer

I am a musician and recording engineer. Ten years ago, I started documenting my involvement with bands and the wider, independent music scene using photography and video. Most of my work is based in Ireland but I've also worked on particular projects internationally.



The Places

Studio 1 - Meadow - Wicklow

A acoustically designed studio, situated in Delgany, Wicklow

The Meadow was built nearly 10 years ago and is an open, bright and spacious recording space. Large
windows illuminate both the Live Room and Control Room and offer an environment conducive to concentrated workflow and creativity. A comprehensive collection of equipment and instruments make making this facility a true record factory.


Studio 2 - Abbey - Dublin

A Project Studio in Dublin City Centre  (Now Closed)

Abbey was built and run by us for about 3 years. It was used as place to mix, record and produce smaller projects or finish larger projects in Dublin City Centre. The only full record we did there was Wild Rocket but work was done on many albums and personal projects while it was running. We shared the space initially with Lar Kaye and All Tvvins and at its close with Liam Mulvaney and Girl Band.


The Label

Def Asset is...

A record label, primarily for our own personal musical output.

Def Asset may also release other artists or bands work.

Initial releases will be online but there will also be limited, small runs of cassette and vinyl.